Monday, April 5, 2010

Unseen Street Signs

The Universe/God gives us signs all the time. They're like sign posts on the street, directing us which way to go. When we are open and paying attention, we cruise along in life.

However, when we fail to observe signs or chose not to see them, life gets complicated and messy until God knocks us over the head with something that forces us to pay attention and make us change our patterns of behavior or alter something that's not working in our lives.

We've all experienced it...6pm, tired, making dinner, juggling kids/pets/homework/trying to get out somewhere on time. CRASH. We drop a plate. Smashed china everywhere. The situation forces us to stop. It's a perfect little sign - no-one was hurt, nothing serious happened, but it's like pressing the reset button: "Guys, chill out. Focus. Come back to the present."

Like a couple of weeks ago when I started back to work full-time. By the fourth day my MS symptoms were hardcore - blurred vision in right eye, spasticity in right hand, numbness in arm and legs, fatigue and sadness - you can't really get much clearer than that...As strong as my body is, it is fragile, and in order to maintain my strength and health, I have to tread a fine line. I got the lesson and changed the situation (two or three days a week of SF film PR, the other days yoga) a week later, am good and strong again. And sitting here reflecting on it.

Had another biggie on Saturday at Little League. Sitting with my friends watching my son and his little mates have a blast at baseball when five minutes in my ex showed up with his girlfriend, flanked by his brother visiting from England and his sister from Seattle. It was the first time I've seen my ex and his girlfriend together as a couple - I've known her for a few years and saw the chemistry between them when he and I were married, so that wasn't it. But it was, of course, hard seeing them together at my son's game. The toughest part though, was that she was part of the family instead of me.

My ex has a strong family. Four siblings, close in age. Strong personalities, strong family resemblances, when you see them together it's like seeing a blonde mafia family strut their stuff. They have a strong bond that fluctuates between love and hate according to whose in favor at any particular time. Being part of that family was a big deal for me because it was so different to my own - me, my lovely big bro, and chilled-out drama-free mum and dad.

I've known my ex's family for 20+ years. My brother is best friend's with the fourth sibling who wasn't there on Saturday, he's actually more a part of our family that theirs. There was no contact made during the game. It was as if we had never met.

Meditation to 'get' the sign and move on
Obviously this was a sign of some sort. But, on Saturday I wasn't sure what it meant. I knew that I needed to process it and 'get' it pretty fast in order to move on. So, I did the meditation technique described below.

During the meditation I cried and released the ties of being part of that family, and eliminated any feelings of grief that I'd been carrying.

At the end of the meditation I felt a huge sense of love and support, and felt happier and more supported than I have for years. I realized that I'm part of a much bigger family, the family of God/of the Universe. I felt, and continue to feel free, strong and powerful.

The key is to NOTICE THE SIGNS
From dropping a plate, to getting sick or being in uncomfortable situations, if we can step back and observe the signs, we can get closer to ourselves, closer to God, closer to our Higher Beings and closer to living our Highest Truth. There's no room for dishonesty or lies. And that, I believe, is our ultimate goal this life, because when we're living our ultimate truth, there's only room for love and kindness.


Love Always,


*CONTACT with the Higher Self wisdom with an particular question
*FOR ANY difficult or negative personal habit or pattern
*TO CONTACT for understanding and balance of the female and male aspects

GARDEN VISUALIZATION (have a pen a paper handy)
Start with regular full breaths, feeling all areas of the body relax with each breath. When your feelings calm, and you even get drowsy, allow your imagination to move you outside to a very special garden. Here is the symbolization of all the thoughts and events of your life and patterns. Certain plants may have thorns, others droopy needing attention. Some need pruning or even pulling out. What is in bud and what is in full bloom? This is a wonderful place to visit at any time. You can find a bough to sit beneath or a pretty brook to sit besides. You can see various paths. Some are clean and well kept. Others are over grown. There may be interesting stepping stones.

Intuitively you know that each path will lead to a special area of study or answers. Choose an appealing path. It may take you to a sanctuary site, a place of remembrance or a comfortable place to sit and state your present need.

Who or what representation do you want to see? When the requested presence arrives, be aware of every detail.
Is it male or female or a feeling? Is it a replica of someone you now or from the past? Carefully describe expressions, actions and any apparel. What more do you sense?

Ask the following basic questions according to your need. Take time and listen to the answers...
1. Who are you or what do you represent?
2. Where did you originate?
3. What do you want with me?
4. How best can I balance or care for this issue?
5. Perhaps ask for a special message or symbol or gift.

Feel gratitude and 'get' the lesson/answers.

Return to the main garden. Note any changes. After moving back into the physical body, sit quietly and reflect upon your experience.

Breathe and arrive home.



  1. Oh Jane, you are such a gift for us all. Stop and see the signs. It sounds so easy, but can be challenging when your in the muck of it all. Thanks for writing this!!

  2. Amazing as usual Jane. I wish I could have daily doses of your depth and insight. I need to do that, stop and look at the signs, everyday. I have been doing a lot of it with the kids and things are really getting better. It is just so easy to get all wrapped up in the crazy things of every day that we forget what is really important in life. Thank you!