Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Am Radiant

From: The Radiance Sutra's by Lorin Roche

Whenever any of the senses is impaired
It becomes a gateway to infinity,

Whether by self-imposed deprivation, injury, or age,
Obstruction of the senses invites awareness of Soul.

The mind can no longer take the world for granted
As attention becomes introverted,
And attends to the shimmering emptiness -
The reality behind the world of appearances.

Today's Exercise: I AM RADIANT
Take a moment and sit quietly. Straighten the spine. Feel it lift up towards the sky above by releasing the shoulders down the back and ground your seat at the same time. Begin to lengthen your breath, filling the bottom, top, sides and back of the lungs. After three long deep breaths, release the conscious breathing and breathe normally again. Now when you inhale, say the words: "I Am Radiant" to yourself inside your head and see if you can feel the words too. Repeat over and over. See if you can play with the language as breath in the words, "I Am Radiant" - can you feel it?? Can you?? You are radiant!


Monday, November 16, 2009

A Realization...

I began my week the best possible way. I met one of my best friends for a beautiful hike on the shores of San Francisco Bay. We laughed, talked, shared and made a point to thank the Universe for this incredible place and for guiding our lives here.

After we had hiked for about 45 mins, my right leg started going numb, heavy and dragging. I tried ignoring it, as I have the last several times I've done this hike. But for some reason today, I couldn't just ignore it and pretend. Why? Not sure. Maybe cos I'm done pretending? Done bullshitting myself and those around me that everything is hunky dory all the time. Cos now I'm living my truth. And my truth is that sometimes, I have to stop and rest. So shoot me. My body's not completely perfect, but screw that, it's my body. And if you love me, then deal with it. Or piss off. Sorry if that sounds harsh...

So, my friend and I sat down. I manually lifted my right let onto the bench and the tears began. I cried and cried. And cried some more. I began tumbling into that place of sadness and place of projecting thoughts into the future...what will happen in 5-10-20 years?

My friend sat with me, massaging my leg, allowing me to cry. She held the space for me to release and be sad and be with the realization, that maybe I'm not going to get to hike the Himalayas...damn, not really hike Mt. Tam anymore. She held the space with such love, that I came round to thinking that maybe I will hike the Himalayas, I'll just do it slowly, with lots of breaks to drink in the incredible views. And, maybe us having to go more slowly will bring more peace and beauty to the guide and those with me on that adventure? Maybe that will bring them more joy. What would it be like to slow down and rest every now and then?

When my mind had settled and I'd exhausted my tears, using the table to help me stand, we slowly walked back towards the car. She walked on my right so I could hold onto her when I felt weak. She stopped for a bathroom break and instead of standing around waiting for her, I took the opportunity to rest again. I took the opportunity to be my own teacher.

This is the exercise I practiced:

SEATED FORWARD BEND (calms the Central Nervous System, cools the brain)

Sit on a bench or chair and place the feet hip distance under the hips. Sit tall and lengthen the spine up towards the sky. Breath very deeply down into the bottom of the lungs for three rounds of breath. On the last round, exhale and bending from the hips, fold down over the knees, allow the spine to hang and arms to rest either on the knees or rest on the ground. Stay here for several minutes, really giving the CNS time to regroup and relax.

Thank you Suz for taking care of me. You're an angel.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yoga-Love-Multiple Sclerosis

This blog is a gift from me to you.

If you're reading this, chances are you've got an interest in one or more: Yoga, Love or Multiple Sclerosis. Perhaps all three.

If it's all three then my heart goes out to you in it's biggest and strongest way. Because living with Multiple Sclerosis is something that deserves to be acknowledged, respected and admired.

Waking up every morning, wondering if you're going to be walk, see, stand, feel - that's a stress that no-one else can understand. However much you try and share with them, however compassionate and sweet they are.

But, the thing is, 9 times out to 10, people with MS do get up out of bed, deal with the stress in their own way and get on with it.

Diagnosed eight years ago, I focus my life with Yoga and Love (Reiki). During this journey I have become a qualified yoga teacher and Reiki practioner, I specialize in teaching yoga to persons with MS, my focus as well as the physical postures is helping people fall in love with themselves and find their inner-beauty and worth. I truly believe this has helped me become so strong and healthy. I am currently symptom free.

The road to this place of health and love that I'm in now has been long and hard. That's another story. Just know, it's included hospitalization, medication, tears, divorce. A whole lot of stories for another time.

For today I want to establish the objective of this blog: to help you find your way to your path that helps you - whatever it may be and to help you feel supported and loved.


Sit straight on a chair with feet on the floor, knees above the ankles. Pushing your feet into the ground feel your legs strong. Lift and straighten your spine and lift your heart up to the sky creating a little back bend. Drop your shoulders down your back and clasp your hands behind you, pull the heels of your hands together and lift your heart towards the sky. Keep your neck long, don't look up or down, look in front. Close your eyes, relax the muscles on your face and take 3 rounds of long slow deep breaths. Fill your heart and lungs with love and light, feel your body relax and fill with love.